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Elaine grew up in a large family in Southern California.  Her family spent weekends at the beach year round and during the summer they would camp in the mountains.  It was in this expansive outdoors that she developed a love for coastal settings as well as the interior natural beauty of the Golden State.  She was born into a family of artists, giving her a rich environment that encouraged creative expression.  High school gave her a clear initiation into developing her skills as an artist and by graduation she was awarded the school’s highest honors in ART.

While Elaine had goals that involved art, her career followed a less predictable path.  Like her peers who idealistically joined the Peace Corps to “save the world” she entered the convent.  During those 7 years, she became a teacher and practiced art instruction as well as was steeped in the history of classical and contemporary painters.

After completing college, she continued to teach in the Bay Area.  She later married and raised 2 sons who are her most cherished “accomplishments”.   During their summer breaks from teaching she continued her art education, spent time drawing and painting and gradually was able to pursue painting full time.  As a young child,Elaine had the good fortune of watching her mother oil paint and currently she enjoys sharing creative ideas and getting outdoors to explore Plein Air work
 with several of her siblings.

Her oil painting work is inspired by the French Impressionists, the Early California Plein Air artists, the early Tonalists and contemporary painters who capture the light and atmosphere of California’s rich landscapes. 


San Francisco Art Institute
Cal State U, East Bay
Holy Names University 
St Mary’s College, Moraga
Merritt College Art Dept.
Art Acadamie Chaumirie, Paris

Professional Study/Workshops

Van Waldron
Dorcas Moulton
Michael Carpenter
Ray Carpenter

Represented by Gallerie Amsterdam, Carmel, Calif

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